FESA meeting

August 4, 2015 02:02 PM

FESA meeting in Prague August 22nd
Dear Shogi friends,

at August 22nd we will have our annual FESA meeting in Prague.
I propose the following agenda:

1) ESC/WOSC 2016

2) FESA bylaws and registrations
3) Candidates for FESA offices: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary
) Rules and regulations committee for FESA
5) Reports from the countries
6) Any other business

As for the ESC/WOSC there seem to be at least two candidates, one from Poland and one from the Netherlands.

As for the FESA bylaws we have agreed on a basic draft; the registration topic will cover procedural issues and the necessary budget. A country for registration should have an international open legal system (e.g. officers of FESA need not to be nationals, international financial transactions are possible without limitations etc.) and a significant shogi community. So far France or Germany could be countries for registration. 

As for the FESA offices, please consider suitable candidates for all 3 posts, including yourselves.

Some headway should be made about rules and regulations at FESA in the future (eg. McMahon vs Swiss system, various rules on the game, time setting, Elo etc.) I hope we can set-up a committee on this with a certain project timeline. Also here please consider candidates.

If there is any other business of importance, which should be stated explicitly, please comment.
I look forward seeing you in Prague!

Kind regards