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European Chess Union (ECU)
Czech Chess Federation
AVE CHESS agency Pardubice



Prague, Czech Republic

19th August – 1st September 2022




1. Organizer

Czech Chess Federation in cooperation with AVE CHESS agency Pardubice and European Chess Union (ECU).

2. Participation

European Women Chess Championship is open for all women players who are members of national chess federations integral to European Chess Union (ECU) without rating or title limitations.

By registering, each player confirms that she will participate in the 22nd edition of EWCC 2022, part of the World Championship Cycle and has acquainted herself with the applicable ECU Tournament Rules and Regulations, FIDE Code of Ethics and ECU & FIDE Anti-Cheating.

Guidelines and conditions of participation are described in the ECU General Regulations of the Championship.

Players with FIDE ID registered in the Bulgarian Chess Federation can send applications of participation and play under the ECU flag.

Medical protocol

All participants and technical staff will observe sanitary rules and will behave to minimize risks of infection.

Throughout the festival, hygiene measures will be taken in accordance with the regulations of the Czech government, public health office and the national sport agency. The exact wording will be continuously updated on the website

3. Schedule

The championship will be held in 19th August – 1st September 2022 in Prague. Playing halls and accommodation will be situated at the Don Giovanni hotel, Vinohradska 157a, Praha 3.

Friday 19th August 12.00-22.00 Arrival and personal presence
Saturday 20th August 08.00-10.00 Personal presence
    11:00 Technical meeting
    14:30 Opening ceremony
    15:00 Round I
Sunday 21st August 15:00 Round II
Monday 22nd August 15:00 Round III
Tuesday 23rd August 15:00 Round IV
Wednesday 24th August 15:00 Round V
Thursday 25th August 15:00 Round VI
Friday 26th August   Free day, trip, rapid
Saturday 27th August 15:00 Round VII
Sunday 28th August 15:00 Round VIII
Monday 29th August 15:00 Round IX
Tuesday 30th August 15:00 Round X
Wednesday 31st August 13:00 Round XI
    20:00 Closing ceremony
Thursday 1st September   Departure day


4. Tournament system

Tournament rules for the ECU European Individual Championships are applied.

Swiss system, 11 rounds, rate of play 2x 1.5h/40 + 30min + 30s/move.

Default time 15 minutes.

5. Ranking and tie-breaking criteria

The order of players that finish with the same number of points shall be  determined by applying tie-breaking criteria according to the ECU Scoring and tie-breaking system

(a) Results of direct encounters between the tied players (If all the tied players have met each other)

(b) Buchholz Cut 1,

(c) Buchholz,

(d) The greater number of games played with black,

(e) The Greater number of wins.

6. Prizes and qualification

22nd European Women Championship implies the qualification for the World Women Championship in 2023. According to FIDE regulations and decision of the ECU Board, at least 9 players will qualify.

Prize fund in total amount of 60.000 EUR is divided as follows:

Overall ranking













































ECU will send prizes to the winners by bank transfers after the tournament.

Distribution of prizes

According to the Article D.4.5 of the ECU Tournament Rules and Regulations, the prizes will be equally shared among the players with the same score for the general standings` prizes.

According to the Article B.14.1.1 of the ECU Tournament Rules and Regulations, if one of the prize winners is absent during the closing ceremony, her money prize will be reduced by 20%. 

7. Arbiters and appeals committee

Chief Arbiter – IA Jirina Prokopova

Deputy Chief Arbiters – IA Thomas Strobl, IA Jan Sikora

Members of the Appeal Committee – Geert Bailleul, Petr PiskTheodoros Tsorbatzoglou

8. Appeals Procedure

Protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the appeals committee 1 hour after the end of the respective game. The protest must be accompanied by the sum of 200 EUR as a deposit from the signatory. If the appeal is granted, the sum will be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is forfeited to the ECU. The appeal must be lodged by the player. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.

9. ECU Entry Fee

In accordance with ECU regulations, GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM and WFM players pay the ECU entry fee of 65 EUR/person, while other players pay 130 EUR/person. ECU is invoicing national chess federations for the participants. The ECU fee shall be paid by the federations to the ECU bank account before or at the start of the championship. If the ECU entry fee for a player is not paid until the end of the 2nd round, this player will not be paired in subsequent rounds.

The ECU entry fee must be paid to the account of the ECU:

Bank: Credit Suisse, Postfach 357, CH-6301 Zug Account number: 1835105-42

Holder: European Chess Union National Bank Code: 4835


IBAN Code: CH3604835183510542000

10. Registration fee

The registration fee is 100 EUR for each player and accredited person. Application deadline is stated on 30th of June 2022.

In case of a late registration an extra fee in the amount of 100 EUR will be charged.

11. Registration, accommodation orders and payments

All players shall register until the 30th of June 2022 (application deadline). The application form shall be filled in at the official website of the championship.

All players and accredited persons shall be accommodated at the official hotel through the organizer due to the epidemic measures avoiding additional several testing measures. The Organizing Committee reduced significantly the hotel rates and offers different discount packages for such purposes.

Entering the playing area will be allowed only to persons accredited by the organizer. Beside the written application players are obliged to attend the official registration at the venue before the start of the tournament, i.e. on the 19th of August at 12.00–22.00 and on the 20th of August at 8.00–10.00 am.

At the latest by the 30th of June the minimum amount of 300 EUR/ person (100 EUR registration fee + 200 EUR deposit for the accommodation) freed from bank transfer fees shall be transferred to the organizer´s bank account.

Bank account details will be provided with confirmed application.

Full payment for the hotel accommodation must be completed no later than 31st of July 2022.

12. Accommodation and meals

Don Giovanni hotel **** (the playing hall is situated here), WiFi connection at rooms and public halls free of charge

Single room with breakfast - 60 EUR / room and night

Single room with half-board - 75 EUR / room and night

Single room with full-board - 90 EUR / room and night

Double room with breakfast - 45 EUR / person and night

Double room with half-board- 60 EUR / person and night

Double room with full-board - 75 EUR / person and night

Triple room with breakfast - 35 EUR / person and night

Triple room with half-board - 50 EUR / person and night

Triple room with full-board - 65 EUR / person and night

Accommodated persons over the age of 18 pay the municipal fee in the amount of 50 CZK (~ 2 EUR) / night upon arrival at the reception.

13. Transfers from the airport and back

The organizer will arrange transfers between the Prague´s airport and the Don Giovanni hotel. Transfer is free for all players and accredited accompanying persons on the first day (19th August) and the last day (1st September). On other days transfer can be ordered for 15 EUR / person one-way.

14. Others

The ECU Dress Code is obligatory as in detail described in the ECU regulations, (shorts, caps, slippers, sun glasses, hats-except for religious reasons etc. are not allowed).

The ECU anti-cheating guidelines, the FIDE Code of Ethics and the ECU Fair Play Code are valid for all the European Championships and all players, arbiters, organisers & participants shall follow these regulations.

In the playing area only players, arbiters and tournament officials are allowed. The access of accredited persons will be specified by the Chief Arbiter.

Flashes may be used only in the first 10 minutes after the start of the round.

Awarded players will give interviews and photo sessions for at least 15 minutes after the last round and after the awarding ceremony.

During the tournament, medical service will be provided according to FIDE and ECU rules.

15. The organizer´s office

AVE CHESS agency Pardubice
Championship director: IO Dr. Jan Mazuch
Cell phone: +420 466 535 200, Mobile phone: +420 608 203 007
e-mail:, Official website (information and on-line registration):